BI, Dashboards & Platforms

We improve collaboration

For A-label IT Business Intelligence is all about connecting your business processes with data sources from within and outside your company and teaching people how to make it work.

Business process view

Without a process view on how data can turn into knowledge and empower decision making, BI stands no chance. 

Big data access

Database technology has really changed a lot when it comes to large data mining. Combining multiple sources from inside and outside company boundaries becomes more and more accessible for all businesses. We can help you find your way.


Many BI projects do not live up to their promise because people are not explained how to drive the big new truck. We train, coach and explain. Always focusing on transferring knowledge. 


Skills applied for BI, dashboards & platforms

  1. SQL Server 2012
  2. Analysis services & Report builder
  3. SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence
  4. (M)OLAP cubes
  5. A-label IT dashboard framework