About us

"How about sand, yes sand too"

Company values

  • Focused – We can create products and services that address highly personalized requests at a moments notice.
  • Intimate – Our customer talk to the A-label IT decision makers on the highest level themselves
  • Responsive – To us our business is personal. We want customers to connect to our businesses beyond our products and services and give it meaning. 
  • Lean – We strive to be a LEAN solution provider, limiting our overhead costs and promote sustainable solutions
  • Flexible – We want to work in small teams with large accountability in those teams to allow maximum flexibility when working together with our customers



A‐Label IT is a software company that develops applications for Industry as well as for the Social Services sector. We help companies improve their company processes by using Information Technology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop software for our clients in such away that:

  • our customers will get just as enthusiastic we are about the positive impact that information technology can have on their business processes;
  • our customers see return on investment by having more efficient processes, reduced costs and/or increased revenues;
  • our customers are always informed about the ups and downs during the project, so that they always remain in the driver seat.

Technology, knowledge and capabilities

  • Business process analysis techniques
  • The popular SCRUM (thanks Ikujiro Nonaka en Hirotaka Takeuchi)
  • Prince2
  • Any method that has proven successfull in your organization
  • Data modelling and normalization
  • C#, ASP.net, Razor, VBA, VBScript, Visual Basic .net, C-sharp, Classic ASP, ASP .net
  • SQL
  • PHP, Java, jQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, HTML
  • MySQL
  • Webservices, SOAP XML, Json
  • CSS and less
  • Bootstrap
  • Open source Content Management Systems, Web Shops and many other open source initiatives

Our relations & portfolio

  • DSM
  • Danone
  • Hyuandai
  • Bedrijfschap Horeca en Catering
  • Van Wijhe Verf
  • Scania
  • Aengus


A-label IT was founded by Rob Lubbers and Sjaak de Haan. Besides agreeing on how to construct DO WHILE loops they also:

  • Believe that the crucial factor of each software application lies within the database.
  • IT software engineering is just as much of a craft as making clogs.
  • But....,  being creative, a software developer throws away more inventions on a single working day than any other professional comes up with during a whole year.